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Wholesale Penna Gourmet Olives at GreatOlives.com

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Wholesale Gourmet OlivesPenna would like to take this opportunity to thank our wholesale customers and to welcome new ones into the fold. We love to see the olives we produce stocked on store shelves because of how proud we are of the work and care put into them. If you own or operate a retail store, give Penna gourmet olives a try. We’re sure your customers will be just as delighted as ours have been for so many years.

We are the only California olive producer to grow, process, and package all at the same place, M & CP Farms. This allows us to insure the greatest quality every step of the way while also keeping prices very low. In fact, the Penna label was founded with the purpose of providing more affordable gourmet olives without sacrificing quality. Wholesale customers who register and gain approval will enjoy even steeper discounts on our products than our everyday customers will. There is a ten case minimum on all orders. If a customer would like to use their own business’ branding, we offer a private label program for those who order 20 cases or more.

After registering, you can place wholesale orders at our online store for a wide variety of olives, pitted or un-pitted, stuffed or unstuffed, green or black, spiced or unspiced. Olives are available in cases of 12 jars as well as in bulk. We make and carry a line of delicious, gourmet spreads, preserved fruits and vegetables, and even a dirty martini mix. We also have a wonderful, custom-made extra virgin olive oil available in cases of 6 or 12. Carry a variety of our products in your store and watch as customers come back for more, curious to try each one.

At M & CP Farms, we’re proud of the olives we produce, having seen them featured in the press multiple times and repeatedly endorsed by our loyal customers. Help us spread the great taste of our Old World curing and spicing practices by carrying our delicious olives in your own store. Visit GreatOlives.com to give your customers the “California Everyday Specialty” they crave.

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