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Welcome to Penna Gourmet Olives

Penna Olives are unique for several reasons. Not only are they grown, processed and packed right at M&CP Farms in northern California, but also they incorporate old processes improved upon and made safe by modern microbiology. Customers can count on Penna Olives' consistency and quality since M&CP Farms is the only handler from the tree to the store. We use a slow fermentation process to cure most of our olives, it takes from 12 to 18 months to get them to our standards. This means you get a firm olive with lots of flavor without using any harsh chemicals or high heat.

The Penna family founders of M&CP Farms and Penna Olives, are passionate about their products. They started the Penna label in order to “provide people with a fine, gourmet olive that does not cost an arm and a leg.” Please don't associate our low prices with an inferior or low quality product. Please also realize that we do no attempt to disguise our shipping price in a higher product price then claim shipping is free. You will notice that the shipping fee goes down as you order more product. You may notice that our jars quote a dry weight for the product, this means that a "10 oz." jar of olives comes in a 16 oz. jar, has 10 oz. of dry weight olives, then has brine added to cover them. So the shipping weight will always be higher as it includes the weight of the brine, the jar and the packaging it comes in.

Interested in becoming a Wholesale Customer?

We are California’s only Olive grower, processor and packer; this allows us to keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you!

Learn more about wholesale olive purchasing and fill out our wholesale account application.

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