Earlier this morning (9-18-2017) we discovered our Manzanilla and Lucques Fresh Olives had hardly and fruit on the trees. The Summer Heat has caused the fruit to fall from our Lucques and Manzanilla trees. Unfortunately, there is not enough left on the trees to be able to pick and ship. While we would love to sell them to our customers we cannot pick them up off the ground, it is not ethical. We wanted to give our customers as much notice as possible so you can attempt to source them elsewhere, however other farmers are likely facing the same situation.

We are sorry to say that we will not be offering fresh black olives for sale this year. We have experienced an increasing amount of damage claims for black ripe fresh olives in dealing with UPS and FedEx. The rougher handling and more delicate nature of the black olives make shipping the black olives economically unfeasible for us.

Recipes for curing are available at UC Davis Olive Curing PDF.

The image below shows you the four different size Sevillano Olives (compared to a US Quarter) we offer on our site during harvest. Click the image for a larger view. 

Fresh Olives Raw Olives sizes

It is important to note that we did not set the size, we follow the size standards set by California Olive Association on June 27th, 1917. The image below, explains the size of olive with an approximate number of Fresh Olives per pound.

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