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2018 Fresh Olive Crop Update

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Fresh Olive Update 2018

The bloom this year was barren or patchy at best, this will lead to minimal crop production. We are hopeful for larger fruit as that can happen with a short bloom or low amounts of fruit. This year we experienced a warmer winter followed by several cold weather incidents diminished what looked to be an excellent bloom. Unfortunately, with a small crop, we may have to pay higher prices to have our crop picked. At this time we are unsure if prices will remain the same as last year but we are expecting to have to charge a little more per box. As always we will do our best to provide our customers with the lowest prices possible.

Olive Oil Times has reported similar info affecting Northern, Central and Southern California:

“Steve Sibbett is a farm advisor emeritus at the University of California at Davis. He said that while he has not been actively following the weather effects on 2018 crops, temperature fluctuations in the late winter and spring negatively affect olive tree blooms.

“Late winter and early spring frost damage developing fruit buds,” he told Olive Oil Times. “Such an event occurred this past February following a warming spell that encouraged growth to begin. How much damage, if any, is unknown to me and is likely variable due to area.”

Phil Asquith of Ojai Olive Oil, which is located near Santa Barbara in southern California, said that he noticed the impact temperature fluctuations had on his olive trees. He said that the fluctuating temperatures had caused some trees to bloom nearly two months earlier than others.

“Something has affected the bloom here, and we’re seeing a strange phenomenon. Some of our trees bloomed normally, and some about six weeks later,” he told Olive Oil Times. “It’s never been in batches like that, usually all at once. It’s like the trees are confused as to when it is spring. It’s also resulted in a lower bloom than expected overall.””-  OliveOilTimes.com

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