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Spicy Beans  

Spicy Beans:


Specially chosen beans that are hand prepared, place packed, generously spiced and packed in a convenient 16 oz. glass jar. These beans are a great snack, a zesty addition to your favorite drink or they can be a compliment to any meal. Customers can count on Penna Olives' consistency and quality since M&CP Farms is the only handler from the tree to the store.

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Wood Burning Pizza Oven:
If you're a gourmet chef, you probably like to collect and use all sorts of cooking equipment. At The Outdoor Pizza Oven Company, we make a great wood burning pizza oven that will make a fine addition to your cooking collection. There are few things as delicious as a handmade pizza cooked over real wood.
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Non Gmo Corn Tortillas
Non Gmo Corn Tortillas:
Our non gmo corn products are roasted in an industrial roaster from the turn of the century that has been reconditioned and updated with state of the art components that enhance the roasting, bringing out the full flavor of the non gmo corn. The roasting enhances the taste giving it a nuttier flavor that compliments any recipe and also helps preserve the shelf life of the organic corn. Our roasters computerized controls enable us to have consistent roasting and flavor in our products. We roast on demand so your products arrive fresh to your kitchen.
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Bar Playa Del Carmen
Bar Playa Del Carmen:
When you visit playa del carmen, you need to really pay attention to the local playa del carmen bars. Each of them has it's own flavor and something different to offer. Mingle with the locals and other visitors and make friends that will probably last you a lifetime.
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Restaurants In San Clemente Ca
Restaurants In San Clemente Ca:
Are you looking for great restaurants in San Clemente CA? One of the top rated restaurants for American cuisine is Riders Club Café. Uniting quality and concept with budget and beer, Riders Club Café offers the highest quality dining experience at the lowest price. Trip Advisor website says “Burgers and Beer don’t get any better!”
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Happy Hour Irvine
Happy Hour Irvine:
Looking for a fun and rather out-of-the-way happy hour? Irvine is where you'll find Posch by Jimmy Z, directly across from John Wayne Airport. Enjoy $4 - $7 appetizers, $4 domestic brews, $6 well drinks and Posch's own Signature Martinis for only $8. For dinner reservations, call 949.833.1900
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80 Proof Colorado Bourbon
80 Proof Colorado Bourbon:
Details matter at Weaver`s Distillery, and we want to ensure you have the highest quality libation when the moment arises. They pulled off at a dusty little watering hole in Tombstone, Arizona for a libation. The result is a ration of perfection that Ray and Matt pride themselves on.
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Tags: Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives   Gourmet Olives   Stuffed Olives   
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